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Equity Trading

Long-term wealth generation

Equity is an ideal asset class for those seeking high returns on their investment. Investing in equity can garner higher returns than fixed deposits or bonds, which carry a fixed rate of interest.

Derivatives Trading

High profits at a low cost

Derivatives include futures and options, which provide better exposure than traditional investments and are used to capitalize on an up or down movement and generate returns in a stagnant market.

Mutual Funds

Portfolio diversification for investors

Mutual funds are ideal for new investors as a professional puts together a diversified portfolio for all participants in the fund. It offer innovatively packaged solutions and convenience that an individual trading directly in the market.

Company Fixed Deposite

Returns with safety

Fixed income products, such as bank/company deposits and bonds, are popular with risk averse investors as they provide safety of capital with returns in the form of fixed periodic payments and the eventual return of principal at maturity.

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